Our Business Model: Agent- or Broker-centric, which are we?

Neither! We are an A/B/C Centric Boutique Brokerage

There have been two fundamental brokerage philosophies in real estate firms of late: the agent-centric brokerage and the broker-centric philosophy. They are diametrically opposed points of view, and neither mentions the client/customer. Prestige Homes offers an A/B/C-centric philosophy. We are an agent-centric, broker-centric and customer-centric locally owned boutique brokerage.

Agent-centric companies do not seem to offer much to their agents, except a brand and commissions, and those seem to come with a price tag. Most agent-centric brokerages charge hefty sign on fees, huge monthly fees along and royalty fees on each transaction. At the onset, agent-centric brokerages do appear to offer more freedom to agents. But at the end of the day, does the lack of marketing, support and care from your office staff and broker equal freedom or stress?

At Prestige, the brokerage spends thousands of dollars annually on branding and marketing focused on driving business to you, the agent, and our broker maintains an open door policy and does not compete with our agents. We also provide a full time office support staff.

We know our firm is only as successful as our agents, clients and customers and focus our business model on those and we never make major company decisions without consulting our “board” of top producers.

We do not have mandatory “floor time”, sales meetings or offices fees and dues. We do however, mandate that everyone follow the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, use the state association forms (provided by attorneys retained by our association to protect us and our clients and customers) and abide by all laws, local, state and national. We also offer the support you need to stay in compliance.

We realize that agents come with many different levels of experience and offer compensation based on each agent’s specific needs. We will always be as proud of your accomplishments as you are and offer extra rewards accordingly!

With all the aforementioned philosophy, we are not so caught up in ourselves that we do not realize why we do what we do. It’s really all about a heart for service and facilitating the hopes and dreams of current and future homeowners. Our team is made up of caring and concerned professionals who are given the latitude to decide how to succeed in their own real estate career and provided with the broker support to do so.

Who can join our team?

Not all agents are a good fit for Prestige, so we do not practice the “fish net” mentality of recruiting. We do not blatantly solicit licensed agents unbeknownst to their current brokers (treat as you want to be treated), but do respond to inquiries from licensed agents who are considering a change and might be qualified to join our team. We are also constantly on the lookout for unlicensed individuals who may be considering a career in real estate. Our training and support are second to none and the firm bears the burden of the major costs of overhead for those who need it, so you are able to “eat” while growing your business.